It is actually available a complete canning line with a capacity of 30'000 cans per hour. It is complete from depalletizer to palletizer. Can size is 202 - product: carbonated soft drinks. For this line we can offer the overhauling service. For offer and informations please go to contact us page. Price for completely overhauled line is Euro 820'000.

P1020907 P1020930 P1030580

It is actually available a complete filling line for PET bottles, water and CSD, from unscrambler to palletizer, capacity 20’000 bph

- Used bottling plant
- Used filler
- Used blow moulder
- Engineering service
- Overhauling service
- Commissioning and start-ut
- Simonazzi
- Rivi
- Sidel
- Sarcmi
- Sacmi
- Sipa
- Smi
- Krones
- Procomac
- Acmi
- Ocme
- Berchi
- Sig
- Krupp
- Khs

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